[Development Blog] Hollomantra #1 – Redesigning Characters

[Development Blog] Hollomantra #1 – Redesigning Characters

Hello, Gaby from Youme Project is here! Finally writing about progress on our upcoming game, Hollomantra!

Have you seen the teaser before? Here it is, I will show you something about what kind of game Hollomantra is :

It is indeed an horror game!

But, what kind of horror game?

This game will be absolutely published on mobile, for Android first and then we are planning to publish it on iOS! Wish us luck~

So for the current progress, as the one in charge for the assets, I just finished redesigning the characters. Both main and secondary character.

Not only character, we are changing the story plot a little bit. Stay tune for more update!

Our main character for Hollomantra is Kristine Marie. She is 15 years old in her 1st year in High School.

She is rebellious. That is why it is pretty difficult to design and then redesign her.

Here is her final design :

The first design was made a year ago, and also in the previous design she looks less rebel. So I decide to make her more rebellious. I was inspired by gyaru looks.

Here is Kristine design progress :

Yes she is different.

Why changing her red hair? Because, our secondary character have Pink hair so it looks similar and monotone, so I changed her hair into blonde color.

She looks more kind in the previous design lol. Also I wanted her to wear (as many) accessories as possible.

Anyway, is there a playable secondary character?

Yes there is!

We will reveal the new design in the next week Hollomantra Game Development Blog #2!

Stay tune!

*we will try to finish the playable beta version before December! Wish us luck~*

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