[Development Blog] Hollomantra #2 – Redesigning Characters + New Trailer

[Development Blog] Hollomantra #2 – Redesigning Characters + New Trailer

Hola~ Gaby is here writing about Hollomantra Development Blog again~

Today as I mentioned in the last development blog, I am going to introduce our secondary playable character from Milkcananime that is also get redesign :

Babaaaaam ~

Introducing, Miwa Haruka, the character from Milkcananime

She is pretty, isn’t she?

As we progress on the story, we also redesign her to make her more pretty and suit the story.

At first, we design her just like the original design of Miwa Haruka :

Image from Milkcananime website : https://milkcananime.com CHECK IT OUT!!

And here is my first design from last year for Miwa :

I designed the School uniform for her, with beret hat (love the hat, anyway!).

Because the game environment will be in a small village, so I try to simplify the uniform design

And we change the story, all happened inside the school environment.

We also make a small trailer of Kristine. It is for Smartphone format, but check it out!

We are planning on releasing more trailers in the future until we are able to release the final game~

Currently we are finishing the story for the Visual Novel part, and making character asset for gameplay and will animate it using Live 2D~

So that is all~ I will update more about the development on Hollomantra next week~

See yaaa~~

Stay tune!

*we will try to finish the playable beta version before December! Wish us luck~*

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